30-Day BPD Challenge – Day 10

wall_impulsive_1024x768Today’s question: what kind of impulsive decisions have you made?

Today’s question is giving me some problem in that I am usually not an overly impulsive person and usually have to have a plan for everything I’m doing. It was also the only criteria for BPD that I didn’t have although I do meet the other 8 out of 9 criteria for BPD.

I guess technically my self-harm is impulsive since it is completely dependent upon my mood as to whether or not I do it; the same goes for my suicide attempts too. I’ve never really planned either cutting or suicide attempts out beforehand, they just sort of happen when I’ve hit bottom, so those would fall under the impulsive category. Those are the only impulsive things that come to mind at the moment however, since my relationship has recently ended I could see some impulsive driven sexual adventures in the future…

Peace, love, and contentment,

PS. You can find the 30-Day Borderline Personality Disorder Challenge here…

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