30-Day BPD Challenge – Day 2

Question for today: why did your last friendship end?end-friendship_786741i

While I have lots of friends I don’t really have any that I would consider all that close and I could confide in about things and that’s mostly because I tend to isolate myself a lot. I rarely leave the house and at the moment don’t have a vehicle so it’s difficult to leave the house anyway (funny thing is that even when I did have a car, I rarely left the house to go do things). So it’s hard to stay close to friends when you isolate yourself.

Now, looking at the list of questions for the challenge I noticed there’s no question about why did your last relationship end, so I’m going to throw that in here. My last relationship ended because it eventually became abusive; I’m not talking emotional abuse although there was some of that, no I am referring to physical abuse. I think because of my BPD and the fear of abandonment, I stayed in that relationship a lot longer than was healthy. It wasn’t until the third time being put in the hospital due to injuries that I finally called it quits and slipped out of the hospital in the middle of the night so my now ex couldn’t find me.

I’ve never really had a hard time forming friendships with people but I do tend to be a hard one to get to know and keep as a friend…

Peace, love, and contentment,

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