Starting IOP Therapy…

Intensive-Outpatient-ProgramIt’s been a week and a half since being released from the ward and not much has changed since in terms of my mental state. Last week on Wednesday August 28th I did a walk-in at the community mental health services to get started with them since the hospital had referred me there. While I was apprehensive about the whole community mental health thing, I really clicked with the therapist I met with and we talked about getting me into dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and weekly sessions with the therapist. Now, like most things it seems when dealing with community services nothing ever goes quickly and this past weekend was a holiday weekend to boot so my expectations were to start sometime next week.

Yesterday my therapist called to see how I was doing since we last talked and I mentioned things are still a roller coaster and that I’m still having more down days than up still. She pressed for more details about just what I meant by roller coaster and that’s when I relayed the Girl in the Cupboard story to her as one example of how things have gone since being released from the hospital. I also admitted that thoughts of suicide are still frequent although I’ve not acted on any. I didn’t even need to go into any other examples from the weekend when she said she wants in me daily Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) starting right away. She even remembered that currently transportation is an issue for me, so she said she’d arrange transportation and get back to me. So far, I’ve been impressed by my therapist and the community mental health services. I was also surprised it was my therapist that called and not my case worker since we’ve also setup a case manager to oversee everything; it was a nice surprise though.

She called back later in the day to let me know that there wasn’t space in the transportation van until Thursday but that everything was setup to start IOP Thursday morning. This IOP program is a daily session from 9am till noon and I should plan to be in IOP anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks or longer if needed. Once I’m emotionally stable enough the plan is to then move me over into DBT therapy to help me with my borderline personality disorder (BPD). I’m really wanting the DBT therapy far more than IOP but I also realize that until I’m more stable I most likely wouldn’t get much out of DBT anyway.

This afternoon I got a call from Earl, who drives the van to confirm that he has me on his list for tomorrow and to verify pickup address. So it seems that tomorrow I start my IOP which isn’t my first time in IOP. I went through a three months of IOP after being release for anorexia some years back. Ya, life has thrown more than few obstacles into my path over the years…

Peace, love, and contentment,

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