Correction to “Anxiety Anyone?” Post

mistakesOps, I made a mistake in my earlier post Anxiety Anyone? I said:

Today marks my first full day out of my most recent hospital stay (there have been 6 now in the past year) and it also marked my return to intensive outpatient (IOP) group therapy.

When I wrote that statement about having 6 hospital stays in the past year, I was only thinking of one of the hospitals I’ve been in and completely forgot the other hospital. Hospital A I’ve been in 6 times in the past year and Hospital B I’ve been in twice in the past year. That means I’ve had 8 hospital stays in the past 12-months; not the 6 I originally quoted in my earlier post. Somehow I find that even more depressing than the 6 I originally said; God has my life really been messed up these past few years 🙁

See, this is what happens when you only get 3 – 4 hours of sleep a night for months on end…

Peace, love, and contentment,


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had 25 hospitalizations in the past 12 months. I just got out today from a 3-week stay. I was there for suicidal ideation – I had made a definite decision to follow through with it, and so it took me 5-days until I was ready to consider changing my mind about suicide. SI is chronic to me and I rate it on a scale of 0 – 10. When I went in it was a 10, and today it is a 4, almost to my baseline of 1 – 3.

    • My SI typically runs high to with my baseline around 2 these days. My last inpatient it took me 3 days just to get off 24-hour suicide watch and another 6 for my SI to come down. I even managed to cut while inpatient too; something they were NOT happy with me about. My self harm levels also run high my baseline usually runs around.3 – 4 on good days and 10+ other days (I was doing well and actually made it 12 days but lately only manage 2 – 3 between episodes)

      Anyway, thanks for the comment…

  2. It always seems like I’m the odd one out while in the hospital. The other patients can’t fathom having some form of suicidal thoughts all the time. Nice to correspond with someone who knows what I’m going through.

    Surprisingly, I had a couple patients tell me “just quit thinking that way”. It was surprising to hear such things from people who have gone through SI themselves. Then when I get discharged while still suicidal they get all scared and worried for me thinking I shouldn’t go yet.

    But on the flip side, most of the patients are understanding and supportive and we can all relate, talk, and laugh together.

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