To Close to the Edge…again

self harm mainDays since I cut: 0

Sitting here picking out the date in my head, composing letter(s) in my head tells me I’m too close to the edge…again. Tried to remember some of the things from IOP but nothing. Took my anxiety medication but nothing…so I cut. Nothing major, just enough to pull me back from the edge and center me…guess I’m having a bad day or something 🙁


  1. Try drawing butterflies on your arm, and give each butterfly the name of a person you love, that way when you cut, you’re “hurting” the person you love which helps stop. It helped me, took a long time, and I killed a lot of butterflies, but I got there eventually.

    Also try holding ice in your hand, it numbs, then burns, so helps.

    Throw away ALL sharp objects.

    Good luck hun.

    • I’ve tried the ice thing before and it works sometimes but I’ve been using it too much so it’s not as effective anymore. I’ll have to try the butterfly thing and see if that helps. I used to cut a lot more and pretty much only use it now when suicidal. It’s still is the one thing that works fast to pull me back from that edge.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you cut, but I think it’s wonderful you didn’t shred yourself and you must know you can go another year without cutting, or more, or never cut again. A setback is only a setback it isn’t a determination of your worth or your future so whether people agree with me or not (I’m a cutter) I think you did a great job of minimising what you did and you handled your situation at the time as best you could. I guess now it’s a matter of making preparations for the next time this happens and seeing if that makes a difference – at least that’s what my doctor tells me xo

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