30-Day Self-Harm Challenge

self-harm.jpg_e_be4a040f41dfb65a155b3b24351d007cI came across this challenge whilst on another site I visit frequently and thought I would give this challenge a go myself since I self-harm. I’ll most likely post multiple days at once since I’m horrid about doing these things; keeping a blog up whilst battling severe depression is a challenge at best. I recently went an entire week without getting out of bed. Having to contract for safety with attending IOP daily this week as part of that safety contract, is the only reason I’ve managed to get up, get dressed, and go to IOP (lest I have the sheriff turn up at the house for breaking the safety contract).

Here is a list of the questions for this challenge. I did fix some grammar and punctuation errors, but otherwise the list is unchanged. (Yes, my OCD is at play here).

  1. How long have you been self-harming? Discuss why you started.
  2. What part of your body is affected most by your self-harm?
  3. What is your motivation to recover?
  4. Do you consider yourself “addicted” to self-harm? Why or why not?
  5. What part of self-harm do you dislike the most?
  6. What about self-harm do you enjoy, if any?
  7. List 10 activities that help to calm you down.
  8. What the most supportive thing anyone has said to you about self-harm?
  9. Have you ever taken pictures of your wounds? Discuss.
  10. How do you feel about your scars?
  11. Strangest place (school, park, etc.) you’ve ever injured yourself?
  12. Where do you keep your ‘tools’? (Your room, in a box, disposed of them, etc.)
  13. What is the biggest realization about self-harm you’ve had?
  14. Is there anyone you consider an inspiration in your recovery?
  15. Do you visit any websites about self-harm? If so, what are they?
  16. What advice would you give someone about self-harm?
  17. Do you know anyone else who injures themselves?
  18. Write a letter to the future (recovered) you.
  19. List five reasons recovery is worth it.
  20. What is the most vivid memory you have of self-harm?
  21. Have you tried to stop in the past? What are you doing differently this time?
  22. Where do you feel the calmest?
  23. What is your favorite inspirational quote?
  24. What are some of your main triggers? Why?
  25. Do you know any statistics about self-harm?
  26. What is something that makes you the most happy?
  27. Discuss any progress you have made.
  28. What short-term goals do you have?
  29. Do you follow any self-harm blogs?
  30. Post your favorite picture of yourself and write a positive message to look back on.

There is the list of questions, all in one post for anyone else who might be interested in doing the challenge too.

Peace, love, and contentment,

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