Some Changes…

tumblr_mvjxj1rYu71s1wyzeo1_500Just a quick note to let everyone know, that no, you’re not crazy! Yes, the theme and look of my blog changed today, as did the menu structure.

While I liked my old theme immensely, it was not reader friendly. The text was too small and the default font only made it worse. I selected this new theme for a couple of reasons; the text is bigger, the font easier to read, and this theme still allows for multiple menus. As a writer, author, and blogger, fonts, text size, and other factors affecting readability are important to me.

I also rearranged some of the categories/menu items today as well. The Eating Disorder category with its subcategories of Anorexia and Bulimia, were moved under the Mental Health category. Since eating disorders are a form of mental health issues, it seemed logical to me to move them under the mental health category.

Oh well, blogs take on lives of their own and evolve over time as they grow and change…today was just a growth spurt for my blog.

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