Child of Rage

This documentary tells the story of a six year old girl, Beth Thomas, labeled as “The Child Of Rage,” tells her story of healing from Reactive Attachment Disorder as a result of being sexually abused. This is a bone-chilling story with scenes that you will never forget.

The film features footage of Beth revealing to her therapist that she has tortured animals and sexually abused her younger brother. A consequence of the abuse she endured as an infant.

Her road to healing and recovery is recorded in this fascinating documentary.

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  1. My twins are survivors of severe neglect and abuse as infants to 15 months. I adopted knowing of their history and predisposition (mental illness runs in our family) for issues. I am blessed. The repercussion of their abuse is not as profound as this child’s. Thanks, Izzy, for posting this. It touched my heat and I needed to watch it. … ~ Hiker.

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