Doctors, Medications, Pharmacies, and Pharmacists…Oh My!

j0390527Today I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor to go over my medications and the changes made to them while I was in the hospital. Have I mentioned that I hate doctor’s offices? So of course I’ve spent 6 weeks in the hospital in the past five months…the universe’s sick sense of humor at work I’m sure.

During my last inpatient stay, the psychiatrist changed my antidepressant medications, increased the dosage by double, and switched me to an extended release version of the medication. Now, before going into the hospital, this one particular antidepressant was running me $12 a month; a reasonable amount. When the doctor switched from the normal capsules to the extended release capsules and doubled the dosage, that $12 a month medication shot up to $350 per month! Yikes! No way I can afford that on my nonexistent income…

not crazyToday’s doctors appointment was to try to figure out some alternative to that $350 medication, some dosage changes to other medications, and extending my refills on my medications to get to mid March. After about 35 minutes with my regular doctor, we finally had everything worked out, found a different antidepressant to switch me to instead of the $350 one and ironed out my other medication issues. When we finished, she submitted the prescriptions electronically to my pharmacy that’s not far from my house.

When I get to the pharmacy, they can’t find my prescriptions in the system. Actually I think it was the ditz behind the counter who for some reason couldn’t even get my birthdate right and I had to repeat it like 10 times, after a good 10 minutes, I gave up. I instead walked down to the drop-off counter, where the woman behind the counter had no problem pulling my prescriptions up…yep, operator error with that other person. I had found a discount card app for my medications, so I gave it to the drop in counter person (Lord only knows what the other person would have done, I mean she couldn’t even pull up my prescriptions on the computer, I can only imagine what applying a discount card would have done to that last neuron that was firing in her old head). The woman at the drop-off counter applied the discount card without any problem and said to give them a few minutes so they could repackage my scripts with the latest pricing.

tumblr_mvjxj1rYu71s1wyzeo1_500While I don’t usually endorse a phone app, GoodRX is definitely worth checking out if you don’t have insurance. With GoodRX you can look up different medications and it will give you the price of that medication at all the pharmacies in your immediate area, so price shopping is easier with this app. But not only that, the app also generates discount card information that can be applied to your medications. The GoodRX app brought my $100 in medications down to $40…so, yes, I endorse this app!

After a few minutes I went to the pickup counter, making sure to get the other tech, to pick up my medications. Since the prescriptions are technically new, I had to meet with the pharmacist so they could go over the medications with me. I wonder sometimes what my local pharmacist thinks of me based on the meds I get: two antidepressants, antianxiety meds, antipsychotic meds, and sleeping meds. I’m sure it raises some eyebrows! They must think I’m one crazy ass girl…and they really aren’t far from the truth…

Oh well, spent the day dealing with doctors, pharmacies, pharmacists, and prescription discount apps…yet another day lost to the craziness that’s my so-called life 🙁

Peace, love, and contentment,

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