As the room gently spins

tumblr_mtjih8UHzS1sryqfco1_500As I sit here, the room gently spins from all the alcohol I’ve consumed to quite the demons within. All I wanted was to silence the demons and to feel numb. Vodka always goes straight to my head. Blood is dripping  from my arm, to silence the demons within. Gashes rendered in my skin, to let the demons out from within. Blood is dripping from my arm, because I feel so numb; yes, I know that sounds dumb. Drunk to feel numb, cut to feel since I feel so numb. The darkness within has expanded to consume all within, not a glimmer of hope to be found. The candle in the wind has gone out, nothing left but darkness. Cuts to stop the numbing, darkness within just to prove I can still at least feel something, even if it’s pain.

Guess in short, I’m not doing well tonight…

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